Information Gathering

Colosseum Consulting Ltd. understands that the groundwork of any successful litigation case exists within the acquisition, gathering and analysis of critical information. We support our clients by compiling the necessary supporting evidence for litigation through field investigations, interviews, surveillance and other fact gathering methods.

Our investigators and researchers are veterans in litigation support techniques, and have been trained to provide credible, expert testimony when needed. Moreover, our investigators adhere to strict internal guidelines, the rule of law and a rigorous ethical code. We stress communication with our clients, while expediting each and every case in a comprehensive way.  

Asset Tracing


Colosseum Consulting Ltd. offers a range of asset tracing services to support our clients’ through litigation. Today, money and valuables can easily and quickly move around the globe. This has necessitated new and highly sophisticated asset investigation methods.


Tracing the path of buried or hidden assets requires the combined skills of forensic accountants, researchers, lawyers and corporate investigators. The only method able to maneuver through the complex web of asset location in today’s world is comprehensive and creative. At Colosseum Consulting Ltd. we have a proven aptitude of tracing and tracking financial trails that have been presumed untraceable, making our firm a fundamental component to any litigation action.


It is important to note that we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as it provides customised solutions. From individual assets involved in civil disputes, to corporate assets or assets held illegally by former heads of state, Colosseum Consulting Ltd. can trace invisible assets with astonishing efficiency and accuracy. Every action we take is based our on fundamental belief that we must provide useful findings that offer clear recommendations that result from ethically obtained information.

Witness Vetting


In order to ensure our clients litigation success our expert litigation support consultants vet and manage expert witnesses. Our experienced teams use proven methodologies to screen and thoroughly vet expert witnesses, in thousands of specialties and disciplines, and identify those who best meet your needs.


At no risk to our clients, our specialists will check the background and ensure the credibility of each potential witness on any given case. After a thorough vetting process our team arranges for in-person interviews with our clients prior to finalising the submission of the witness’ testimony.

Forensic Accounting


Our litigation support services involve using accounting and auditing techniques to quantify economic damages pursuant to our clients’ litigation cases. Our team of forensic accountants has in-depth experience with business information and financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, evidence gathering and investigative techniques as well as litigation processes and procedures.

By locating, obtaining, reviewing and analysing necessary financial records, reviewing existing records for accuracy and completeness and reconstructing records and accounts as needed, our forensic accounting team provides essential support for interrogatories and depositions and expert witness testimony.

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