At Colosseum Consulting Ltd. we take an innovative approach to litigation support. Our resourceful solutions heed to
time-sensitivities and are tailored to meet each of our clients’ unique needs and goals while maintaining ethical integrity. 

Through investigation support, forensic accounting, asset tracing and witness vetting we provide our clients with comprehensive and effective support for any litigation case.


We ensure our clients’ cases are supported through the collection and analysis of evidence, expert witnesses and forensics both comprehensively and ethically.
Our in-house team of lawyers, industry experts, forensic accountants, data specialists and corporate investigators locate, collect, analyse and synthesise the information needed to build and support persuasive argument. In addition to information collection and analysis, our services include the vetting of potential witnesses, the asset tracing, and forensic accounting.
This comprehensive approach gives us an edge in recognising opportunities to bolster effective legal strategies that garner results.


Information Gathering

Colosseum Consulting Ltd. understands that the groundwork of any successful litigation case exists within the acquisition, gathering and analysis of critical information...
Asset Tracing

Colosseum Consulting Ltd. offers a range of asset tracing services to support our clients’ through litigation.
Forensic Accounting  

Our litigation support services involve using accounting and auditing techniques to quantify economic damages pursuant to our clients’ litigation cases.


"An innovative  approach to
 litigation support"

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